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A Gumtree display ad in Bath, Sommerset

A Gumtree display ad in Bath, Sommerset. Image courtesy of Leigh Dodds

Gumtree Telephone Number: 0871 472 1685

Special two-part charging arrangements apply when calling 0871 numbers:

Access charge    
Set by your phone company and charged whenever you call any number starting 084, 087, 09 or 118.Varies from around 13p per minute on landlines to up to 78p per minute from mobiles.

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An extra charge that benefits the organisation you are calling. They are responsible for informing you of what charge rate applies. Up to 13p per minute, 13p per call or a combination of both.

Is the item you purchased on Gumtree still not delivered? Do you suspect one of the sellers on Gumtree is a scammer? Are you having trouble listing your product on Gumtree? Are you having trouble creating a profile? Regardless of how many help pages there are, sometimes you just need to speak to someone to ease your mind or sooth your fears. You can do so by using the contact numbers we’ve appended below.

Gumtree can be a great way to find somewhere to rent, to sell your unwanted items or to pick up a second-hand bike. But with any online space there’s a risk of fraudsters being active and attempting to scam you out of your cash.

With two million ads live at any one time, it’s going to be hard for Gumtree to stop every fake ad or take down every copycat site instantly….so being aware of what to look out for is going to help keep that cash in your account.

What does a Gumtree scam look like?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one method that scammers use when impersonating Gumtree or fraudulently buying or selling items on the classifieds website. If you’re selling or buying or just have an account set up on Gumtree, you’re at risk.

Fake Gumtree websites

Gumtree say they will take down a copycat site as soon as they can, but there will always be people who end up using it before Gumtree can get to it. The fake site looks real enough but use your intuition. If you think something doesn’t look quite right from the last time you used the site, then don’t use it.

The details are minor but it could be no padlock in the address bar, spelling mistakes or a web address other than or

Fake Gumtree texts

If you’ve got an account on Gumtree, then you might end up with a text asking you for personal information like passwords or bank details. Delete it straight away, as Gumtree would never text asking this.

You might also receive via text a response to your 'for sale' ad that looks a bit odd. This is a ploy to get you to click the fake link or to reply to a fake email known as smishing. If the response casts doubt in your mind then log into your Gumtree account to see if the message is also there and just delete the text.

Fake emails

Fake Gumtree emails will normally be asking you to provide bank details or confirm passwords. They usually combine that with an ‘urgent’ message saying that your account has been compromised/there’s been suspicious activity, in the hope that you act quickly and fall for their phishing scam.

Look out for fake email addresses, Gumtree say just because it says it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s from Gumtree.

Gumtree car scams

This scam involves rogue car dealers posing as an individual user of Gumtree and posting ads for fully working or good condition second-hand cars, when in fact the cars are often missing parts or in bad condition.

In some cases once the victim has sent over their email and name to the scammer, they then receive a fake eBay invoice. Because it looks genuine, money is transferred and the scammer disappears. You’re then left out of pocket as well as car-less.

Always ask the seller to see the car’s details, past financing and insurance, and ask to see the seller’s proof of address and identity and check this against the V5. Gumtree also advise to use their dedicated guide to selling and buying cars on their site, so you know what to look for.

Warning signs it might not be genuine

As with any scam there are few signs to look out for which might help you determine whether it’s genuine.

  • Any message stating that you need to make a payment NOW otherwise your ad is going to be deleted or your account is to be closed, needs to cause concern. Gumtree along with other legitimate companies wouldn’t do this.
  • It’s a phrase we keep repeating, but if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. A common way for scammers to trick you is to create an ad for an item that is only just cheaper than the competition but not enough that it’ll cause suspicion.
  • Over-nice sellers who go that extra mile to make you trust them. We’re not saying that there aren’t some nice sellers out there, who would go out of their way to help, but scammers might offer to come over to your house to make the transaction.

Know the types of scams out there.

How to protect yourself from Gumtree scams

If you are selling, buying or just have a regular Gumtree account you do not use on a regular basis, then like many online platforms, you need to be wary and protect yourself from scams.

If you receive a text or an email claiming to be from Gumtree then don’t click the link that’s telling you to update info or act now before your account closes. The best thing to do is to separately log into your Gumtree account. If Gumtree needed to get hold of you they’d do so via the message centre in your account.

If you’re buying something that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If the price seems far lower than the competition then question its authenticity. Gumtree advice is to ask the seller for proof of purchase, or any certificates. And to also search the seller’s number or business online to check their history or for any previous reviews.

Make sure you also use the ‘Reply to ad’ button for any communication. Gumtree say keeping it ‘in-house’ means you are protected by their filter system which blocks any spam or suspicious emails.

Gumtree also says to be wary of buyers or sellers that ask you to switch payment method, normally to one that has no consumer protection. If they claim they are having account issues then, as mentioned above, search their seller number online to read previous reviews, or halt the sale until you’ve contacted Gumtree. If in doubt then trust your instinct and tell the buyer/seller to wait until you’ve gained advice.

If you think you’ve been a victim of scam then report it to Action Fraud. Call 0300 123 2040 or use their online cybercrime reporting form.

Also contact Gumtree and let them know what has happened or, if you are suspicious of any ad or buyer/seller, then double check with Gumtree before committing to buying or selling an item.

Find out How to report a scam or fraud

Operating hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday-Friday


• Gumtree Corporate Office: 0203 966 2700

• Gumtree Jobs: 020 3966 2717

• Gumtree Motors: 0203 966 2701


Gumtree encourages customer to use its online support to handle most of their queries, complaints and feedback. As such, the company rarely publishes its numbers publicly. Please be careful calling numbers listed obtained from elsewhere online – they could be Gumtree scammers. There is even a foreign-based website which published virtual telephone numbers allegedly from Gumtree – please do not call those numbers.



Gumtree has a comprehensive resource of support pages on its Contact Us page. Select one of the categories and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the Contact Support button. You may also go directly here using this link:


Depending on your options, you may be directed to other support pages, or an online contact form. There is also an option to seek support from a Live Chat, which is operational between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily.


If you are using the online form, fill in the required fields and Gumtree will usually respond by the following business day.


Alternatively, you may send an email to Gumtree at


If you are a member of the press, you may get in touch with Gumtree at




If you would like to send an official letter to Gumtree, please send it to its headquarters at the address below. Limited

1 More London Place

London, SE1 2AF,UK


Gumtree is the classier online embodiment of second hand shops

Gumtree is the classier online embodiment of second hand shops. Image courtesy of Robin Stott




Gumtree has streamlined its complaint process by leveraging its online resources. When websites users face an issue and click on either the Contact Us or FAQs page, they are redirected to a help page which is divided into nine categories:


•Gumtree UK Basics

•Gumtree UK Safety   

•Gumtree UK Policies  

•Gumtree UK Technical Support   

•Gumtree UK Jobs

•Gumtree UK Motors   

•Gumtree UK Selling   

•Gumtree UK Pets

•Gumtree UK Property


Clicking on each topic will open up a new page with every conceivable scenario or issues customers may face. Some examples include ‘How to change your email address’, ‘Animals We Do Not Allows’ and ‘Tips on Buying Electronic Goods’.


If the help provided in these pages proved insufficient, then simply scroll down until you see Contact Support button. Once you’ve clicked the button, simply fill in the fields. You will then be presented with an option of either submitting the form or going to a Live Chat (working hours).


It may seem cumbersome, but this process actually saves a lot of time. Try it!




Since Gumtree does not have a call centre, users must use the online help function or forms to handle their grievances.


However, if you feel that it is necessary to call their corporate number we have provided above, please remember that the people receiving the call are not trained customer service representatives. They are also not trained to handle a high volume of calls.


As such, be patient with them and do not lash out in anger. Be prompt and factual, and gain their sympathy. Once they are emotionally invested in your issue, they will then give the necessary advice or alert their internal departments.


Nevertheless, there is a limit to what they can do, since deals are made between consenting private citizens.


A koala sitting leisurely on a branch of a eucalyptus tree, known colloquially in Australia as gum tree

A koala sitting leisurely on a branch of a eucalyptus tree, known colloquially in Australia as gum tree. Image courtesy of Pxhere




Gumtree is a classified advertisement website. The concept is similar to newspapers’ classified section. The company was founded in March 2000 to serve as an online classified site for members of expatriates in London, primarily those from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The co-founders, the publicity-shy Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall, decided to name the portal gum tree (, an informal term used for the eucalyptus tree, to give it a familiar feel to their core audience.


In 2005, Pennington and Crookall sold their website to eBay for an undisclosed sum which is believed to be in the tens of millions of dollars range.


In the last decade, Gumtree has grown rapidly into a wider range of offerings. Visitors can now view vehicles, pets and even properties. You can set up a new life using Gumtree – buy or rent a home or a room, furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances and a car bike. Once you have settled, you can look for pets, a job, cleaning equipment and even a massage! For weekends, you can join an events club, or go on trials with an amateur football club!


Businesses have taken notice of Gumtree, which is why the company have created a new division to handle corporate clients. This is why you can see now product launches, discounts and other forms of business promotions on Gumtree.


While Gumtree still revels in its outsider’s status, the company has grown steadily over the last almost two decades. It now has presence in 27 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North, South and Central America.


A Gumtree display ad in Bath, Sommerset

A Gumtree display ad in Bath, Sommerset. Image courtesy of Leigh Dodds



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