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Admiral Car Insurance Telephone Number: 0330 220 2001


Front entrance of Admiral Insurance's headquarters in Cardiff, Wales

Do you require some help with your Admiral Car Insurance policy? Are you sure about the scope of coverage for your multicar insurance? Are you tired of going through multiple documents and just want someone to guide you instead? We hear you, which is why we have compiled an exhaustive list of every form of contact you can use to reach Admiral. directs your calls to the correct companies.The phone number listed on this page is a premium number of an IVR directory service voice index. You can contact the companies displayed in this page, free of charge, via their website. Callers must be 18 years plus and have the bill payer’s permission. is not associated in any way with the companies listed on this website.

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1. Contact Admiral Car Insurance

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday:  8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday 9.00 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Single / Multi Car Insurance

• Customer service: 0870 472 0000

• Policy Renewals: 0333 222 6715

• Quotes: 0330 134 3204

• Accident claims line: 0333 220 2033

• Accident claims liine for non-policy holders: 0333 220 2047

• Breakdown service- cars only: 0330 102 0804

• Breakdown service helpline for Vans: 0330 102 0808

Multicar Insurance

• Customer service: 0333 220 2001

• Renewals: 0333 222 6716

• Quotes: 0330 134 3206

• Accident claims: 0333 220 2033

• Accident claims : 0333 220 2047

• Accident claims : 0333 220 2025

• Breakdown service helpline car: 0330 102 0804

• Breakdown service helpline van: 0330 102 0808

Car Black Box Insurance

Car Plug and Drive

• Customer service: 0333 220 2010

•Policy Renewals: 0333 220 2021

• Quote retrieval: 0330 134 3216

• Claims: 0333 220 2043

• Insurance Policy termination: 0333 222 6715


Littlebox (car)

• Car Installation questions : 0333 130 0966

• Van Installation questions : 0333 220 5434

• Customer service: 0333 220 2010

• Renewals: 0333 220 2021 (

• Quote retrieval: 0330 134 3216

• Claims: 0333 220 2043

• Theft tracking: 0333 220 2043

• Policy termination: 0333 222 6715


Home Insurance

• Customer service: 0333 220 2003

• Renewals: 0333 220 2016

• Quotes: 0330 220 2090

• Claims: 0333 220 2035

• Boiler Emergency: 0345 609 4375


Multi Car cover Insurance

• Sales: 0330 134 3208

• Customer service: 0330 220 2001

• Renewals: 0333 220 2017

• Motoring claims: 0333 220 2033

• Home insurance claims: 0333 220 2035

• Reporting theft or accidents: 0333 234 0012

• Customer service: 0333 234 0198

• Renewals: 0333 234 0078

• Quotes: 0333 234 0036

• Claims: 0333 234 0012

Other products

• Travel Insurance: 0333 234 9913

• UK Car financing: 0333 234 9917

• Personal loans: 0333 234 6007

• Landlord Insurance: 0333 234 9965

• Motorbikes: 0844 409 7110

• Pet Insurance: 0343 290 9141



If you want to get in touch with Admiral Insurance by writing, you may send your email to the following addresses:


• Claims:

• Loans:

• Corporate:

• Careers:

• Media queries

• Brand assets:


You may also use the company contact form at to contact them. Admiral Insurance will typically respond within 48 hours during working days.




For official communications, please mail your letter to the address below:


Tŷ Admiral

David Street, Cardiff

CF10 2EH, United Kingdom

Admiral Insurance’s headquarters in Cardiff, Wales. Image courtesy of Seth Whales

The Admiral main headquarters in Cardiff, Wales. Seth Whales


Admiral insurance aims to provide customers with a transparent and forthcoming channel of reporting. The company will perform a fair investigation with all policy holders, and inform customers about the progress as well as the right actions to be later taken to resolve the problem.

Official responses would be sent back to customers within one week after receipt of complaints. If the issue is unresolved, admiral will endeavour with an assigned member of staff to your case.

Complaints can be filed using phone, letter or e-mail. Please direct you complaints to the respective channels below.


• Policy Related Query

Telephone: 0330 333 5888

Address: Complaints Manager Admiral, Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff CF10 2AA


• Claims Related Queries

Phone: 0330 333 5887

Address: Claims Quality Manager Admiral, Claims Department, Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff CF10 2AA



• Loan Related Query

Phoneline: 0330 234 6008

Address: Quality Manager Admiral, Admiral Loans, Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff CF10 2AA



In the instance you are not satisfied with how your complaint was handled, or if an issue remains unresolved after one month, you have the option of escalating your complaint to the Financial Legal Ombudsman Service, which is an independent entity tasked with arbitrating disputes between customers and organisations registered with the Financial Services Authority.



Telephone: 08000 234 567 or 0300 123 9 123                                                      

The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower,Canary Wharf London E14 9SR


The agency usually resolves cases within 90 months. However, the resolution may take longer for highly complex disputes.



The customer service departments of large insurance firms like Admiral Insurance typically handle a huge volumesof calls on a daily basis. To improve efficiency and resource allocation, companies like us use automated operators to filter and distribute calls. However because of high call volumes, customers seeking help usually have to spend over 10 minutes on hold before eventually speaking to a diligent customer service representative. An angry customer and tired support staff rarely make a good combination.


This is where certain strategic approaches come into play. By using the following tips, our customer service team have a more productive conversation.


(i) Before calling write down your full issue on a piece of paper. Look over the complaint a few times to make sure you have all the right information. Service representatives usually have to dig various information from customers already annoyed.


(ii) Prepare your supporting documents such as account numbers, invoices and contracts and keep them close. Most only start digging for documents in the middle of their conversation and this is not helpful.


(iii) Service representatives are human too. They do get shouted & yelled at the whole day so callers who should know better. Upon calling service teams do try to treat them with respect. Not only will we appreciate your kindness, we will guarantee we will appreciate this and work harder for you.


(iv) Choose the right time to make the call. Dont call while youre at work. Otherwise, you will get more annoyed the longer youre being kept on hold, and frustrated when queries are not resolved as fast as you would hope. Pick a window through out the day when you can stay on hold without any pressure from colleagues or friends. Try to make the call during off-peak hours.


Follow those steps, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will resolve your queries!


Admiral Insurance’s electricity substation in Newport

Admiral Insurances electricity substation in Newport. Image courtesy of .


Admiral Insurance is an insurance company established in Wales with clients across the United Kingdom. It also has a presence in, Italy, Spain, and the United States. The company is one of the largest insurance companies in the UK.


Established in January 1993, Admiral Insurance underwrites insurance policies for vehicles, houses, pets and travel. The company generated revenues in excess of £1.2 billion in 2018.


The company was named as the 18th best places to work in the UK in 2019.


Front of Admiral Insurance's headquarters in Cardiff

Front entrance of Admiral Insurance's headquarters in Cardiff.



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