Setting up your own Business

In 2018 setting u your own business can seem like a daunting experience as there are many hurdles to over come


As you may already know businesses need startup capital. But with so many business destined to fail why would you invest in uncertainty?
From what I can tell you look for the smallest margin of success with the smallest investment, and then capitalise on it

Becoming a Limited Company'

How much does a limited company startup actually cost?

Well for starters there is company house Registration. £50.
Then there is the business address. Now you can either use your home address, not have one, or pay for a virtual office so, customers and consumers will always have an office address to correspond to. Virtual offices cost on average £12 per month, which is £144 per year. Worth it to some depending on how much you reply on postage or to look the part without having physical office space.
Whats so special about limited companies anyway. Well, the 'Limited' in the company name means the there is limited liability. So if you go bust, your home your prized possessions are not at risk.
Website & domain. One of the first steps and another expenditure is getting yourself out there. So a website will cost you £200, and hosting will cost you £20 per month. However there are websites like 1&1 and Wix which enable you to have a static website for £Month. However static websites dont allow features like online shopping, databases & wordpress themes.

How much does a Business Bank Account cost

Barclays charge you at £7.00 per month for the most basic business bank account. When invoicing companies with the business name as the beneficial do seem to present an established company. Similar to your email having your company domain rather than a gmail or yahoo one.

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