What will Brexit mean for us UK - EU Relationships?

When It comes down to brexit, if ever a division line were to occur we think of a border that of the Bristish isles being an island itself, or the Northen / Southern border in island.
Are we ready for the division to occur within our own relationships?

Whats done is done.

What's done is done in terms of how the country voted. We can't really do much there. What we are left with is uncertainty.
When it comes down to 'uncertainty' there is nothing worse when it comes down to business, your home & your relationship.
As a remainer I can't help but feel like a older brother, clearing up all the smashed plates & broken glasses the younger brother has trashed with the return of mum & dad looming.

'Not the Better Half'

Brexit has already divided the nation with families friends and lovers involved in heated debate on whether the UK would be in better off.
What I can honestly say is the UK is Great, but not like centruries before, where there were colonial powers in India, Africa and many other countries alongside being the worlds dominant trade force over the seas, when Britannia ruled the waves, as so they say!
There are so many other super powers in the world, and with our finance economy, there is no real growth. Only businesses offering services that don't truely benefit the served.
My one conclusion is that us remainiers are a clear cut above the other half. But we won't call ourselves 'the better half' as the film the Titanic suggestest that we are nobly superior, which we in some ways are. But we wont shout it from the roof tops as we are too robust for that.
Most Brexiteers won't learn which makes our predicament worse than the younger brother analogy.
What we can do is 'tut' to overselves at the Brexiteers, remain united and strong with a cool exterior with an interior that believes in the perserverance of mankind.

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  • What will Brexit mean for us UK - EU Relationships?