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Our fully trained and certified boiler installation engineers based in Sheffield South Yorkshire will be there to install your new system at the agreed time and date. Armed with dust sheets and uniforms we guarantee that all of the work in your home will be carried out to the highest safety standards with the minimum disruption to you.

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With our installation service your Vaillant boiler warranty covers your boiler against manufacturing defects for both parts and labour.

You can be happy knowing we give a (5 year warranties on our ecoTEC Plus range, 3 years on our Pro range). Giving you peace of mind installing a Vaillant boiler.

terms & conditions apply.

After Care

£400 cash back from the Regeneration Fund when you choose one of our HIGH Efficiency, Energy Saving Boilers.

Go buy that dress you’ve always wanted, have a few nights out or take your partner on that surprise weekend away.

Payment comes in the form of a cheque or a direct payment into your bank account.

Cash Back

£400 cash back from the Regeneration Fund when you choose one of our HIGH Efficiency, Energy Saving Boilers.

Go buy that dress you’ve always wanted, have a few nights out or take your partner on that surprise weekend away.

Payment comes in the form of a cheque or a direct payment into your bank account.

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Please refer to Official Vaillant Boliers website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a Vaillant customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Vaillant.

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Vaillant Boilers Contact Customer Care Vaillants range of ecoTEC boilers have been designed to suit all of your household heating and hot water needs. As Europes number one heating technology manufacturer all Vaillant systems are built to offer performance, efficiency, quality and reliability.

Vaillant ecoTEC boiler Servicing

Vaillants ecoTEC boilers, which are the top SEDBUK A rated (SAP 2005), operate with an annual seasonal efficiency of over 90%. Typically, older types of conventional boilers only achieve efficiencies of 55% – 65%, meaning your high efficiency condensing boiler can save you over a third of your heating bills.

Whether you are looking for a combination boiler, system boiler or an open vent boiler, you will find the perfect product to suit your needs with Vaillants ecoTEC range.

As Vaillant boiler installation specaillists we want to be cost effective and efficient, we will keep your existing radiators cutting down on disruption, labor costs and time. (This dependant on radiator condition)

High efficiency combination boilers are becoming an increasingly popular choice in UK homes and now account for well over half of all new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year.

ecoTEC condensing combination boilers require no hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank, minimising the space they occupy. Vaillant’s range of combination boilers is broad enough o ensure the ideal solution for all house types - from a typical one bedroom/bathroom flat through to a four bedroom property with two bathrooms.

ecoTEC combination boiler

The ecoTEC combination boiler is a fully automatic, wall mounted, room sealed condensing (high efficiency) boiler for central heating and domestic hot water. Domestic hot water is supplied directly from the boiler, without requiring a copper cylinder, cold water tank, feed and expansion vessel and associated pipework. Domestic hot water has priority over central heating. The ecoTEC plus combination boiler consists of 3 models with outputs of 23 kW, 31 kW and 37 kW for domestic hot water and two pro versions with outputs of 24 kW and 28 kW for domestic hot water. All versions are available in natural gas. The ecoTEC plus 831 is also available in LPG. ecoTEC combination boilers incorporate a warm start facility that keeps the domestic hot water heat exchanger hot, providing an instantaneous delivery of domestic hot water. The temperature in the domestic hot water heat exchanger is limited by the boiler control system and it is not necessary to install a scale reducer on the cold mains to the boiler. However, in areas that get exceptionally hard water, a scale reducer may be fitted to prevent scale formation in the hot water system pipes. The heating system on ecoTEC plus combination boilers can be filled using the built–in filling loop contained within the boiler.

General Notes

The boilers have been designed for use with a sealed central heating system, and come fully tested and assembled with a built in circulating pump, expansion vessel and diverter valve (ecoTEC combination boilers).

The boilers are easily mounted on any internal wall and can be installed with either a horizontal or vertical RSF (room sealed fan assisted) flue. The boilers use a standard flue system (100 mm or 125 mm outside diameter). Flue extensions and additional bends and elbows are available for the flue system to Instructions for installation and servicing ecoTEC 5 increase the flexibility. If desired, an inhibitor may be used in the system. Guidance on the use of inhibitors is contained in these instructions. All boilers have a built in diagnostic system which indicates the operational status of the boiler. This feature provides key information to aid commissioning and fault finding. The data badge is fitted to the underside of the boiler. The Valliant ecoTEC are state-of-the-art appliances which have been constructed in accordance with recognized safety regulations.

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