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Phone Southern Electric (SSE) on their customer service contact number: 0844 385 1267.

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SSE plc is one of Scotland’s key energy boards. It’s original incarnation was as the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board in the war years of the early 1940s, eventually merging with the Southern Electricity Board which was founded in the post-war 1940s.

One of the pivotal bodies establishing Scotland’s place as an energy producer, the modern SSE’s infrastructure is part of a lasting national legacy. A massive purchaser of electricity and gas, the company is mindful in sourcing much of its raw energy from domestic sources. Privatised in the late 1990s, the firm continues to be subject to public oversight.

Presently turning its attention to Scotland’s potential for renewable energy development, SSE plc today remains a vital part of the modern Scottish nation.

Scottish Hydro-Electric + Southern Electric = Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

With almost ten million customers, SSE, headquartered in Reading, is one of the biggest utility/energy companies in the UK.

SSE is the umbrella name for a number of energy companies who operate throughout the UK, these include: Southern Electric, SWALEC and Atlantic Energy & Gas. Of these trading companies Southern Electric is by far the most famous brand. They compete against other energy companies to supply gas and electricity to homes in London and right across the South, South West and South East.

Southern Electric’s logo is two intertwined flames, one blue the other green. Given the big six energy companies – of which Southern Electric is one – recent poor customer service records you may have plenty of reason to phone them.

5 interesting facts about Southern Electric

1) GENERATING ENERGY – Southern Electric generate most of their energy from coal (54%). They only generate 1% of their energy from nuclear sources. This is in stark contrast to EDF, who have nuclear plants across the country, and are building a new nuclear power plant at Hinckley Point: the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station.

2) RENEWABLE SOURCES – Despite their reliance on coal as a source of generating energy, the SSE group claim that they make more energy from wind and water than any other energy company in the British Isles. They are also building a street, the Greenwatt Way, which will be powered entirely by renewable energy. The Greenwatt way project, whose Twitter handle is @GreenWatt Way, consists of ten houses in Slough, Berkshire that produce zero carbon, and are lived in by Southern Electric staff.

3) THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – In 2008 Southern Electric expanded their wind farm industry by buying a wind farm in Ireland called Airtricity. Airtricity now trade under the Southern Electric brand and have adopted the blue and green flame logo, they boast 20% of the market in the Rebublic of Ireland and the North.

4) CABLES – Beneath our feet there are 49,626 km of Southern Electric cables. If these were to be placed in a row they would stretch 1/10 of the way to the moon. There are also 27,173 km of Southern Electric cables above ground.

5) MOBILES AND BROADBAND – Southern Electric have recently expanded their operations into the mobile and broadband industries. Their ‘talk anytime plus’ telephone package is £7 per month for all calls to landline telephones, but you will also have to pay line rental of £15 a month. This deal includes half price calls to mobile telephones.

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Please refer to Official Scottish and Southern Energy website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a SSE customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with SSE.

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Further SSE info

Further SSE info


The OFGEM (the UK energy company regulatory body) clampdown on the big 6 in response to the huge volume of customer complaints culminated in a 10.5 million pound fine for SSE – the parent company of Southern Electric – in 2013. The complaints against the big 6 energy companies, which peaked in 2011 with 4 million complaints against them, ranged from mis-selling to terrible customer service, especially over the phone.

The complaints which led to OFGEM fining Southern Electric 10.5 million pounds – a record fine imposed by OFGEM on a UK energy company – included:

  • Promising customers they would save money if they switched to Southern Electric, when they actually ended up paying more
  • Not explaining the terms and conditions of contracts
  • Extremely long phone queues to the customer complaints scheme
  • Not compensating customers who had paid too much on their bills
  • Mis-selling of the terms and conditions of energy contracts by Southern Electric sales teams both over the phone and door-to-door

Many of these problems were created because many of the sales staff were paid commission, which led to a focus on sales rather than service.

In order redress some of these customer grievances Southern Electric set up a 5 million pound compensation fund. If you feel you have not been compensated for an overpayment, even if it occurred a few years ago, you can contact Southern Electric on this telephone number: 0800 980 9651.

Did you know?

Power cuts

You can call the number, above, to find out how much you might be due if your home suffers a disturbance in you constant energy supply – customers have the right to expect a continuous energy supply – without interruption.

You can claim an overpayment even if that overpayment happened a few years ago.

If you feel you have overpaid an energy bill or were mis-sold an energy supply package you can contact your energy supplier. If they don’t respond to your complaint within a few weeks it may be worth phoning OFGEM and asking them to investigate your complaint.

Citizens Advice

If you would like someone to help you lodge your complaint against your energy company the. You can visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. They will give you advice and help you collect evidence before you phone the energy company. You can find more information at:

Key Contacts

Apart from the emergency telephone numbers, which are answered 24 hours a day, Southern Electric’s telephone teams work from 8 am Monday to Friday. They also work on a Saturday from 8am to 2pm. On its website all of Southern Electric’s telephone numbers are listed as 0800 free phone numbers, apart from the cardline, which is the number with which you can phone to make payments.


The telephone numbers for an electric emergency are distributed by region. You can find the telephone number you need to call if you follow the link, below:

The telephone number to call if you have a gas emergency is 0800 111 999. This is a free call number.

Switching to Southern Electric

If you would like to switch your energy supplier to Southern Electric then phone 0800 980 2475.

Moving house

If you are moving house and would like to close your existing Southern Electric account or set up a new account at your new residence then phone 0800 107 9639.

Meter readings

To give a meter reading for you next bill call 0800 107 3205.


You can make a payment on 0800 980 9649.

General Enquiries

For immediate customer service and general enquiries, contact SSE (incorporating Southern Electric) on their national contact number: 0844 385 1267 / 0800 980 8476


If you, or someone you know, is elderly or disabled you might choose to register for Careline. This scheme provides security measures such as passwords for those who are concerned about telephone security and extra support, such as Braille for those who have a registered disability. You can register for Careline by calling 0800 622 838.


If you have a complaint about Southern Electric then call 0800 980 9651.

You can also phone OFGEM, the independent energy company regulator, if you would like to take your complaint further, or feel Southern Electric have not adequately dealt with your complaint.

Phone OFGEM on 020 7901 7310

Mail to


All problems & issues will be emailed directly to the appropriate departments. Fill in the form and state the nature of your enquiry.


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