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Please refer to the official Hellermanntyton website here. You will be connected directly to a Hellermanntyton customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Hellermanntyton.

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Almost 90% of us have been vaccinated... So why is the pressure to vaccinate still on?

Choose your poison

What many of us are finding a little strange about the COVID vaccination program isn't the persistent pressure of the government rolling out the vaccination program to get the single, double & booster, but moreso the persistent encouragement to have the masses vaccinated even after surpassing 85% of the UK population, alongside cases lessening.

The awareness of COVID is so loud across all classes, nationalities & races now that it is clear that the majority vaccinated are fully aware of their choices & the minority who are unvaccinated are fully aware of the risks of increased hospitalisation.

Surely border controls should be lessening. clubs, events and restaurants should be back to normal.

But still we are noticing delays in not letting the public slide back to normality without receiving the covid jab

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