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Experian Helpdesk 0844 385 1246.

Experian Helpdesk

Experian credit reports is an information services company that holds large databases on businesses and consumers, plus also lifestyle data used for marketing. With 17,000 employees across 40 countries, Experian is a global group with its corporate headquarters based in Dublin, backed up by regional departments across the world. Their UK operational headquarters are based in Nottingham, where enquiries can be made through the Experian contact number found on their website, www.experian.co.uk.

Experian offer services to businesses in the form of data analysis that help target new customers, debt collection management, and credit risk reduction. Credit reports and ratings are also available to individual consumers from Experian, an important way to manage credit worthiness and also to spot potential identity fraud. All are readily available through an Experian contact number. The sharing of credit data goes back well in to the nineteenth century, as merchants checked and exchanged information on customers who had not paid their debts. Experian in its current form came out of the retailer Great Universal Stores, whose customers paid for their goods on credit, and from this a database was created, adding elements such as the electoral roll as they went, before finally making the acquired data into a commercial database.

Experian have consumer, business and corporate departments and all queries can be made using the relevant Experian phone number or postal address. This information is readily available online via the Contact Us section. There are various other platforms that are provided to contact Experian including social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and also online contact forms for business enquiries. Also provided are the locations of other Experian departments across the UK sorted by area, with addresses and relevant Experian phone number.

For those times that something does not go as you planned, Experian provides a complaints form that can be referred to that gives all the useful information required to proceed with getting your problem addressed. This form includes the Experian phone number for complaints that is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, plus also an email address and postal address.

If your issue has still not been resolved to a satisfactory level there are also contact details for The Financial Ombudsman who can provide an independent review of any outcome. This, as with any Experian contact number is easily located via the Experian website. Experian also have businesses experian, for businesses to monitor a business experian credit reports and know when the best time to apply for that loan.

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Please refer to Official Experian website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a Experian customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Experian.

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Landmark House,
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NG2 Business Park,
NG80 1ZZ.
United Kingdom.

Click here to see the Experian Channel on youtube.co.uk.

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the Experian Credit Score is now FREE. Forever. It shows you how lenders may view you, and can be a useful thing to know when you are thinking of applying for credit.

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