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Expedia Customer Service

Expedia has been one of the largest online travel arrangement providers in the United Kingdom serving millions of customers and offering great holiday packages including your choice of flights, hotels, car rentals etc. The air travel offered is ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority under ATOL number 5788. The customers are given a wide selection of travel products including the holiday insurance to choose from and build their own holiday packages online as per their comfort and budget. The company has always kept its vision to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. For relevant queries, you can call Expedia customer service number 0844 385 1243

Expedia Customer Service UK

For all the general queries, the customers can call Expedia customer service telephone number 0844 385 1243 and option 1 for all the existing customers who would want to request a copy of trip details or make any changes in the booking or any cancellation or query for refund etc. The new customers can also call the same Expedia customer service number with option 2 and make any bookings. This Expedia customer care number is available for 24 hours a day. Expedia customer can also contact Expedia customer care team on social platforms like face book, YouTube and twitter accounts from Mon- Fri 9:30am-5:30pm. If you are calling from abroad, you can dial Expedia customer service number UK +44 203 0248211 for all the general enquiries for both existing and new customers. The Expedia phone number is accessible for 24 hours a day. The customers can also get in touch with the head office department for all the customer support queries by dialing Expedia customer phone number 020 7019 2000(option 2)

Expedia Flight Booking Number

For any queries related to hotel or flight bookings, you can also call Expedia customer support phone number or Expedia flight booking number 020 3788 0445 and the support staff will make all possible efforts to resolve the issue. The calls to this Expedia contact number will be charged at local rates. You can send in your concerns via email also at Expedia customer service email Expedia Flight Booking under the tab ‘contact us’.

Contact Helpline


Please refer to Official Expedia website here. for call charges. You will be connected directly to a Expedia customer service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Expedia.

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Further Expedia info

Expedia Travel Guide to Vancouver

Contact Expedia Nectar Points

The customers are offered to collect nectar points to avail great deals and offers by calling at Contact Expedia nectar point number. If you do not have a nectar card, you can sign in the page https://www.nectar.com/ . These nectar points (atleast 2000 points) can turn into a voucher which we can redeem on Expedia for travel. For travel voucher details, you can call Expedia help line for redemption at 0203 027 5943. If you are looking for cheap and best holiday deals for flights, hotels, or both, you can visit the page Expedia Cheap Deals and search for the best prices.

Expedia Travel Customer Services

For any questions regarding your travel plans, you can call Expedia travel contact number 0844 385 1243, accessible for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Expedia also displays a page Expedia Things to do wherein entering the destination point in the box, you can get a list of sightseeing places in the destination city.

Expedia Reservations Phone Number

When we say holiday booking, it is combination of flight and hotel booking on Expedia. You can make the bookings by calling at Expedia reservations phone number 020 3788 0445 and if calling from outside UK, then you can dial Expedia contact number UK +44 20 3024 8211. You can check for all the details for beach holidays at Expedia Beach Holidays and get the best deals and make the bookings online. The customers are encouraged to give their reviews or feedback at Expedia customer service reviews page Expedia Beach Holidays . If any cancellation is required to be made in hotel or flight bookings, either you can log in your online account and make the necessary changes or you can dial Expedia cancellation phone number 020 3788 0445 or if you are calling from abroad, then you can call at Expedia number UK +44 20 3024 8211

Expedia Phone Scam

In the event of any Expedia phone scam, you are advised to send that fraudulent email to Expedia contact email spoof@expedia.com and delete the same from your account. You can also contact the team at Expedia customer phone number 020 3788 0445. You can also subscribe to get the deals and offers via email by registering at the page https://www.expedia.co.uk/p/email/register . All the Expedia contact info and details is accessible at the Expedia online customer support page Expedia Service under different categories

Expedia Flights

The customers can make their bookings online for Expedia Flights at the page Expedia Flights . If you prefer to make the bookings over the phone, you can call Expedia phone number for booking 020 3788 0445 and if calling from outside UK, then the Expedia flights phone number is +44 20 3024 8211. You can check for all the details for online check in and baggage allowances at https://www.expedia.co.uk/p/support/check-in . You can check your itinerary either by logging in or without logging by entering the itinerary number at the page Expedia Trips . If you have forgot the itinerary number, you can visit the page Forgot Password and enter the email address to get the details

Expedia Hotel Customer Service

You can select from 1000s of hotel deals from all over the world and easily make the bookings online at Expedia Hotels . If you have to make any changes or cancellation in the hotel booking or view the details, you can easily do it online at the page Expedia Online Alterations . To make the bookings over the phone, you can dial Expedia phone number for hotels 020 3788 0445 and if you are calling from outside UK, then you can call at Expedia customer service number for hotels +44 20 3024 8211 to reach out at Expedia Hotel customer service team. You are also given an option to use, which is Hotel site map at https://www.expedia.co.uk/Destinations-In-United-Kingdom.d190.Hotel-Destinations. You just need to enter the landmark and will get a list of hotels near the place. The various payment options have been given to choose from like online payments, book now and pay later or reserve with deposit. All these details can be checked at Expedia Service Articles . If any payment has been declined, you can check the reasons as explained at the link Payment Decline Reasons

Expedia Cottages

If the customers are looking for holidays in beautiful Expedia cottages and similar properties, they can check for the details at the site https://www.chooseacottage.co.uk/EPD/about. You can search from various available options and even make the bookings at https://www.chooseacottage.co.uk/epd . If you have any queries, apart from contacting online, you can call Expedia contact telephone 0345 268 9603. The support team is accessible at this Expedia customer number from Monday to Tuesday 9am to 7pm, Wednesday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm
All the booking conditions, payments, cancellation policy and other regulations are listed at the page https://www.chooseacottage.co.uk/EPD/legal/booking-conditions

Expedia Car Hire

The customers have both the options to rent a car- either online or over the phone. Via online, you can check the details at Expedia Car Hire Articles related to Expedia Car hire. You can enter the details at the page Car Hire and search and book the best options available. Alternatively, the customers can call Expedia car rental phone number 020 3788 0445 and if you are calling from outside the UK, then you can dial Expedia phone number UK +44 20 3024 8211

Expedia Contact Details for Complaints

The Company has a trained and dedicated staff to handle the issues efficiently and to the best of customer satisfaction. The customers can use Expedia contact details for complaints via phone or email to escalate their issues and the customer relation team makes their best efforts to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. If the customer wants to complaint for the services during the pre trip or mid trip travel times, they can call the Expedia customer support number +44 203 684 2910. The support team will try their best to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. If you have post trip complaint, which means that your travel experience was not that you expected you can only have an option to email. You can email the concern at Expedia customer service email address bfscrd@supprel="nofollow"ort.expedia.co.uk and the subject line should be “post trip complaint”. The support team will get back with the response within 48 hours. You will be given a case ID number which will be used in all future correspondences. It is necessary to mention also in the email the following details:

Your itinerary number, Travel dates and the contact details so that the customer care team can respond back quickly.

The customers can also mail in the concerns at the following postal address:

Expedia Customer Relations Department, P.O. Box 70720, EC1P1GW

The customers also have the option to use the independent tool- Resolver for filing the complaint. This tool is an independent, free of cost system using the link Expedia Complaints. This will connect to the desired complaint resolving team. All the details are kept in a case file which is saved for future, in case if the complaint is required to be escalated to above levels like Ombudsman services or Regulators. Notification will be given automatically when it will seem to be appropriate to escalate the matter further. If you are again not satisfied then the complaint can be raised to higher authorities like Ombudsman or regulator for further action

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