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Premium Rate Connection Service. All Customer Contact calls are capped at the rate of £1.53 from a BT landline. Calls cannot exceed this amount from a BT landline. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. Official site is here. Simply call the number above to obtain the UK telephone number for the Stamford Bridge Stadium Customer service team.

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The Chelsea Stadium customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• CFC Stadium - Stamford Bridge Complaints Number
• ChelseaFC Stadium Lost Property Call Center
• Chelsea Membership Card Renewal UK Support Number
• Chelsea Booking without Membership card Technical Help

Chelsea Memberships offer your priority tickets for the seasons of 2018 & 2019. These tickets are now on sale.

Chelsea Season Ticket

There are several levels of membership when becoming a Chelsea supporter. There are in fact 6 levels in which you can support the blues. All packages have priority access with specific privileges.

When you become a Chelsea FC Blues member, you dont only have a £5 discount from non-members you also have first priority for booking on home and away games. As records show year on year there is an upwards growth in new members, so becoming a member is the best way to gain access to exclusive features, discounts & match tickets.

Additional benefits like five point bonuses will be awarded to any Chelsea F.C Member who renews their Membership or enrols before 17:00 on 27 July 2018.

Season Tickets

Chelsea season ticket annual renewals for the 2018-19 campaign are now open. Fans & Members wishing to renew can now go online to renew. The renewal deadlines are as follows: · Zebra finance home season ticket 17:00 on the 27th April · Home season ticket with other payment method 17:00 pm on the 11th May Ticket holders wishing to change their seats shouldnt renew online. They should instead complete a season ticket application form in and return it to the ticket office. It is advised that all applications are posted back with Special Delivery.

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Calls may cost more from mobiles and other networks. You should be aware that you will not be connected directly to a Chelsea Stadium Customer Service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Chelsea Stadium.

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Stamford Bridge Stadium

Stamford Bridge Stadium

Stadium Tours

The Stamford Bridge Stadium Tour is a great days out. The Home of the blues is a day spent leaning, the guides are informative and the experience is enjoyed by fans of all ages UK wide. The award winning tour will take you behind the scenes access to one of the greatest UK football clubs of all time you may also want to visit the various stands in the stadium, the conference room, the press area, ant the team dressing rooms.


  • Entry into an exclusive Junior Members prize draw
  • 2-4-1 on stadium tours/museum
  • Free place for the birthday boy/girl when booking a birthday party at Stamford Bridge
  • Subscription to the weekly junior e-newsletter
  • 15% off soccer schools
  • Birthday e-card on your birthday

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