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Admiral Protected NCD Info


The Admiral Protected NCD customer helpline contact number should provide you assistance in the following areas.

• Admiral Protected No Claims Discount Customer Service Center
• 2 Claims Made Within 3 Terms Enquiry
• 3 Claims Made Within 3 Terms Help Centre
• Admiral No Claims Bonus Reductions Tel No

Admiral Car Insurance Customer Service Center

Admiral Customer Service

Contact Admiral Insurance customer service on 0330 220 2001 / 02920 601294 if you have your home, car or cars insured with Admiral. This is a direct dial free admiral contact number that will connect you to their customer services department. Admiral Insurance contact telephone number can be called 24*7. To know more about Admiral car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, phone Admiral customer service helpline on 0330 220 2001 / 02920 601294. You will be charged 5p/minute plus phone provider access charge if you are calling from BT landline. Calling from mobile phone or other networks may be expensive.

Admiral Customer Service Center

0330 220 2001

Admiral Car Insurance Free phone number(s)

0333 220 2001 / 02920 601294

Call Admiral Insurance to discuss about your car, home or travel insurance policy on Admiral Car Insurance Customer Service Center 0330 220 2001. If you want to contact localised phone number then you can call on 02920 601294. Calling on this number will be more cheaper if you are using your mobile phone. The company is one of the biggest home and insurance groups in United Kingdom. With its multi deal and bundling offers more and more customers are being part of Admiral Insurance. This combination of deals have induced many residents in U.K. With its place in U.K insurance market, Admiral future looks very blazing today. The company also provides services to many foreign markets and other various brands.

How To Contact Admiral ?

  • For Admiral Single Car Insurance Queries:

  1. To get your single car insurance policy, call on 0800 600 800. Call this number from 8 am to 11 pm on weekdays,on Saturdays call from 9 am to 8 pm and on Sundays call from 10 am to 8 pm.

  2. To renew your single car insurance policy, contact Admiral Insurance on 0333 222 6715. The customer services executives are available from 8 am to 9 pmon weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pmon Saturdays and from 10 am to 4 pmon Sundays.

  • For Admiral MultiCar Insurance Queries:

  1. To get an Admiral multicar insurance policy, give a call on phone number: 0800 600 800.

  2. To renew your Admiral multicar insurance policy, contact Admiral on 0333 222 6716. Best time to call this number is at 4 pm on all seven days.

Admiral Helpline

  • For Admiral Home Insurance Queries:

  1. If you want to opt for new home insurance policy, then contact Admiral customer services on 0800 600 870. This number can be contacted from 8 am to 10 pmon weekdays, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and from 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays.

  2. In order to renew your Admiral home insurance policy, give a call on Admiral Insurance contact number: 0333 220 2016. Opening hours to call this number are: Weekdays- 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday- 9 am to 5pm and Sunday- 10 am to 4 pm.

  • For Admiral Travel Insurance Queries:

  1. To get a new quote for Admiral travel insurance policy, contact Admiral Insurance on phone number: 0343 658 0260.

  2. If you would like to make a claim of your Admiral travel insurance policy, feel free to contact on 0343 658 0342. Calls made on 03 numbers will not cost more than national geographic numbers such as 01 or 02 from both landline and mobile phone.

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About Admiral Insurance

Admiral Insurance is a financial services company that is headquartered in Wales, U.K. Founded in 1993, the main product of this company is providing insurance services to the people in U.K. Admiral Insurance is operational under the parent company Admiral Group.The company has also made its name in top 100 companies of London Stock Exchange. By providing services to around three million people, company employs to more than five thousand people in U.K.

#Admiral_Insurance is a #financial_services company located in Wales. Need #Admiral_contact_number

Admiral offers insurance services in the following areas:

  • Single Car Insurance services.

  • Multicar Insurance services.

  • Home Insurance services.

  • Van Insurance services.

  • Travel Insurance services.

  • Life Insurance services.

  • Pet Insurance services.

Admiral has setup various customer services centre in U.K to handle their queries and complaints. You can get in touch with these departments by calling on Admiral Insurance phone number: 0330 220 2001. If you have an online account with Admiral Insurance, then you can manage your policies online rather than calling on Admiral Insurance customer services number. With an online account it is easy to download your policy document and also renew your policy online. The company provides special insurance services for vans, pets and motorbikes. To know more about these policies contact Admiral customer services department.

Admiral Insurance Claim Customer Service Center

0330 220 2001 / 0333 220 2001

To get your car insured from Admiral Insurance, contact the company executive on phone number: 0330 220 2001. If your car is already insured from Admiral then claiming your policy is also easy. Just make a call on 0333 220 2033 to claim your car insurance policy. Initially Admiral used to insure young and new drivers or those who lived in urban areas especially in London. Now the company provides insurance services to many more drivers.

Why Shall I Contact Admiral Insurance Helpline Department?

If you are taking insurance services from Admiral, then there might be cases when you you require assistance from an Insurance advisor. In that case, Admiral Insurance professional team comes into the picture. Contact Admiral Insurance customer services in the following conditions:

  • To claim your Admiral insurance policy in the time of accident or theft.

  • To check the status of your claim.

  • For your car windscreen damage.

  • To make amendments on your insurance policy.

  • For Payment and billing information.

  • To make a complaint.

  • For Breakdown services.

  • To request a replacement certificate.

  • To make a complaint.

  • Plus Many more.

Contact Helpline


Calls may cost more from mobiles and other networks. You should be aware that you will not be connected directly to a Admiral Protected NCD Customer Service agent. Contact helpline is in no way affiliated with Admiral Protected NCD.

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Further Admiral Protected NCD info

For all these queries contact Admiral Insurance on 0330 220 2001. Standard call rates will be applied if you are calling on this number. People who are unable to use this phone service, can post their query to Admiral Insurance at the following address:

Write At:


Ty Admiral,

David Street,


CF10 2AA.

What Is The Best Way To Get In Touch With Admiral Insurance Helpline Department?

The best and convenient way to get in touch with Admiral Insurance customer service representative is over the phone. The top notch number to contact Admiral Insurance is 0330 220 2001. It is a direct phone number to contact Admiral customer services team. Admiral customer services department is structured in such a way that there is no third party member included while contacting them. All queries/problems related to insurance services are solved on Admiral Insurance contact number: 0330 220 2001. The high professional customer support team is available seven days a week. If somebody wants to contact at the localised London number then he/she can contact at 02920 601294. Calling on this number is much more cheaper than calling on 0844 number.

Below are some of the common questions that are asked by Admiral customers. If your problem is not solved by these answers, give a call on Admiral contact number: 0330 220 2001

Admiral Car Insurance contact number

0330 220 2001 / 0333 220 2001

How can I contact Admiral Insurance team from abroad?

If you are calling from abroad related to your insurance queries then connect with Admiral team on phone number: +44 2920 601294. Timings to contact this Admiral contact number are mentioned below:

Weekdays: 8 am to 9 pm.

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm.

Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm.

How to protect my No Claim bonus during renewal?

To protect your No Claim bonus, following conditions should be met:

  • Drivers on the insurance policy should have a U.K or EEC licence.

  • If you have No Claims bonus for four or more years.

To know more about Admiral No Claim bonus, contact Admiral Multicar Insurance support executive on 0330 220 2001

I have made some modifications on my car. Does Admiral Insurance covers car with modifications?

The cover will be dependent on type of modifications done on your car. For more details, dial Admiral Car Insurance contact number 0333 220 2000.

What to do if my car is stolen?

In that case, first thing you have to do is inform the nearest police department and get a crime reference number from them. After contacting the police department, contact the personal claim advisor who will help you to make a claim. You have to provide details to the advisor about your car and other important information. After that number of insurance data checks will be carried out and a claim assessor will be appointed to examine the claim with you.

To make a claim of your stolen car, simply call Admiral Insurance contact number: 0330 220 2001.

Admiral Customer Service Center

How much time will take to sort out my claim?

Admiral Insurance will unable to provide you an exact time as it is all dependent on the type of claim. The company makes sure that the claims process is hassle free and is done as quickly as possible .

For more information about the status of your claim, contact Admiral uk customer service department on 0330 220 2001.

Does my premium change at the time of renewal?

Admiral will do its best to keep the premium as low as possible. If you have not made the claim within 4 years or less, you will get a further years No Claim bonus. Thus helping in reducing your premium.

To know more about premium change, speak to the company executive on Admiral Insurance contact number: 0330 220 2001

What are the different payment methods to pay for Admiral Insurance policies?

The payment can be made via Visa, American Express, Electron and Mastercard. You also have an option to pay via Direct Debit. You will have to use the same payment methods for all your cars on Multicar Insurance policy.

For more information on payment methods, give a call to Admiral customer services team on 0330 220 2001.

What information is needed at the time of making a claim?

To make a claim, you have to call Admiral Car Insurance customer services phone number: 0333 220 2035. Before calling on this number make sure you have the following information with you:

  • Your Admiral Insurance policy number.

  • Date and time of the incident.

  • What was the cause for the loss or damage.

  • Complete address of the property covered under the policy.

  • Claims Value.

  • Complete details of the person responsible for the accident..

  • Proof such as documents or photographs to support the claim.

  • Crime reference number that is provided by your local police station.

Timings to make the claim are as follows:

Monday to Thursday: 8 am to 9 pm.

Friday: 8 am to 6 pm.

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm.

Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm.

How to make a windscreen or glass claim with Admiral?

To make a windscreen or a glass claim, call the Admiral Insurance 24*7 contact number: 0333 220 2025. Calls made on this number will not cost more than national geographical numbers (01 or 02) from both landline phone or a mobile phone.

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What type of insurance covers are provided by Admiral?

Admiral Insurance provides three types of covers which are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Insurance cover: In this type of cover you will be provided the highest level of protection. You will be covered for accidental damages, theft or fire damage.

  • Third Party Insurance cover: It is the lowest level of protection that is offered by Admiral. In this type of cover, your car will not be covered for any loss or damage.

  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover: This cover will insure you against any fire or theft damage.

    If you have a question related to your insurance cover, call on Admiral Insurance telephone number: 0330 220 2001

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