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News - Xiaomi Mix 3 Values your security

Why is that front facing camera so important to Apple & Samsung?

Isn't it funny how the biggest smart phone giants, keep that front facing camera on their phones at all costs? Yes, they are useful for video chat apps but is does seem surprising how apple and samsung are not willing to give up a fullscreen smart phone for a feature that seems to only be used to snap selfies.

Apples iphone & Samsung are streaks ahead of most of the competition in terms of the consumer market & they boast the most advanced chipsets & processors.

selfie camera surveillance

The strongest point to raise is the deep pockets of Samsung & iphone when it comes down to their research development fund, yet they still don't offer full screen smart phones.

Xiaomi are different
Xiaomi Mi Mix Security

Xiaomi have launched, a new flip phone that allows the user to manually control when the front facing camea is active or not.

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